Improving access to affordable,
high quality healthcare in Nigeria


We believe that Primary care, Preventative services and Health Management is the best approach to keeping the general population healthy, controlling healthcare costs and ensuring that only those in need of specialised care present to hospitals.

We improve access by providing high-quality, patient-centered affordable clinics close to where people live and work. We create strong referral networks with secondary care facilities and specialists so patients always have help navigating the confusing and fragmented healthcare landscape.

We improve the quality of care by strengthening clinical processes and provide Quality certification in partnership with standard setting bodies to reduce variability of care and improve outcomes.

We leverage technology for patient engagement, healthcare analytics, and to aid responsive performance management of the network.

We lower the cost of clinics by centralizing management functions and sharing scarce resources across the network to improve efficiency. We leverage on our partnerships and economies of scale to reduce the cost of supply inputs. Our clinics are subsequently able to remain affordable for underserved patients.