About Us

PurpleSource Healthcare is a healthcare management and investment company with a vision to create integrated private health systems in Nigeria spanning preventive, curative, diagnostic, rehabilitation and wellness healthcare enterprises. It was founded to address the current quality and outcomes shortcomings in the Nigerian healthcare market .

The major trends in Private healthcare provision in Nigeria over the last 10 years have been centred on secondary and tertiary care facilities with curative care as the anchoring value proposition.

What is evident in western developed economies is that the cost of specialised care will eventually place an increasing and mostly unnecessary burden on the payors in the health system (Individuals, Insurers, Governments).

Integrated Networks that provide Primary care, Preventative services and Health Management have become the mainstay strategies for controlling costs, keeping the general population healthy and ensuring that only those in need of specialised care present to hospitals.  PurpleSource Healthcare implements these strategies through a multipronged approach:

  • We work with smallholder healthcare facilities to apply proven operational procedures and policies to management, clinical and ancillary functions. This allows us to enhance quality, efficiency and revenue generation.
  • We provide capacity building for all elements of the healthcare human resource value chain through our network of partnerships.
  • We co-invest in smallholder healthcare providers and offer access to investment capital through our network of partners to augment the reach of primary and secondary care services to the mass market.