Mission & Strategy

Our goal is to create a leading integrated model of health care delivery that will decrease the incidence of disease, death and disability for the population of Nigeria.

Preserving quality of care,
Improving patient outcomes

Our team ensures compliance with international standards through structured education of the labour pool and accreditation of PurpleSource-supported healthcare facilities. Rigorous risk-based monitoring of adherence to quality standards are built into the PurpleSource health-system strengthening strategy.

Enhancing efficiency,
Containing Costs

This is underpinned by the use of technology to facilitate enhanced managed care, risk management and strategic decision making capabilities of the organisation. Sustainability, Shared services and Centralised management play key roles in the PurpleSource value proposition.

Aggregating providers,
Integrating Networks

PurpleSource healthcare leverages on economies of scale, standardisation of processes and shared services to ensure continuity of care across specialties and disease processes. Integrated networks will allow for demand-based approaches to healthcare delivery and ensure optimal utilisation of provider capabilities.