The Board

Dr. Olufemi Sunmonu


BA, MD, MBA: Dr. Sunmonu brings 10yrs of clinical and commercial experience in the healthcare space to PurpleSource. His clinical experience spans the US where he was trained and the United Kingdom where he practiced. He has worked with the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency Nigeria as a management consultant for providing strategic advisory services for cross-country community healthcare initiatives. He has also led the design and implementation of sustainable community based health insurance schemes in southern Nigeria with inputs spanning healthcare financing to health-systems strengthening. His experience across continents brings a strong network of international collaborative partnerships to PurpleSource Healthcare.

Abayomi Sule


MB.BS, MBA: Dr. Sule likes to describe himself as a healthcare management consultant with a background in medicine. He has 12 years post graduation experience with 10 years extensive experience in healthcare management mostly at senior executive levels leading teams providing affordable healthcare services to mass markets through for-profit and non-for-profit initiatives. He developed a quality management programme encompassing 350 hospitals and clinics for the leading HMO in Nigeria. Since 2007, he has been involved in the infrastructure upgrade of 50 brownfield and greenfield public and private healthcare facilities across North Central, South West and South South, Nigeria. Under the auspices of a private sector led public-private health systems strengthening initiative he managed a $3 Million infrastructure upgrade grant for hospitals and clinics serving mass markets.

He also led start up operations for a project providing technical support activities to hospitals and clinics accessing debt financing from a developmental financing institution. Dr Sule has been involved in providing operations, marketing, product development, financial and performance management advisory services to hospitals, clinics and health insurance schemes. Dr. Sule’s professional interests lie in investing capital, management, technology and systems (business processes, performance management, quality and corporate governance) in private and public-private healthcare opportunities which serve mass populations. These are mostly brownfield assets with revenues between $500k and $5 Million. His interests and expertise span the healthcare value chain with particular bias for healthcare demand side (health insurance/managed care) and supply side (hospitals and clinics) entities.

Key competencies include deal seeking, negotiations and closing, capital raising and turn around management.

Abayomi Sule


Mr. Jafojo has had various roles as an Investment Banker, Hotelier and real estate investor.
He is a seasoned Venture Capitalist, Angel investor and Enterprise Developer. He has helped developed several indigenous enterprises including the Nordica Fertility Center in Lagos where he is also a director. He is an active real estate developer with a sizeable portfolio across Nigeria and he brings significant experience in leadership, governance, negotiation and deal structuring.

Anurag Saxena


Anurag has broad experience as an Executive and Independent Non Executive director with over 22 years in International and local organizations in over 30 countries.

He currently represents IFC and World Bank on the board of banks in East Africa. He is also on the board of La Casera (the fastest growing beverage company in west Africa), FCMB UK and Global Marketing network. He is the MD of Linkcoz limited; a company focusing on making companies in Africa succeed.

He was the Former Executive Director and COO of First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Nigeria as a representative of Sabre Capital, leading an initiative which raised $ 1 billion for FCMB. Prior to that he held senior roles in Africa with Barclays, Citibank and Standard Chartered bank.

His experience from his numerous board appointments brings Strong Corporate Governance development to PurpleSource healthcare. He also brings Significant fund raising experience in Sub Saharan Africa with a track record of dramatically transforming organizations, integrating businesses and motivating people.